Godavari Pushkaralu

Godavari Maha Pushkaram (Great Worship of the Godavari River) was a Hindu festival held from 14 July to 25 July 2015. This festival occurs once every 144 years, corresponding to the 12th recurrence of the 12-year Godavari Pushkaram cycle. The festival starts from the Ashadha (June/July) month on the Chaturdashi day (thithi) (14th day), when planet Jupiter enters the zodiac sign of Leo. The festival is "theoretically" observed throughout the twelve months that the planet remains in that sign, but the first 12 days are considered most sacred. The first 12 days of the Godavari Pushkaram are known as "Aadhi Pushkaram" and the last 12 days are titled "Anthya Pushkaralu". The next Maha Pushkaram will be celebrated in 2159. 

Pushkaram is an Indian festival dedicated to worshiping of 12 sacred rivers. The celebration happens annually, once in 12 years along each river. Each river is associated with a zodiac sign, and the river for each year's festival is based on which sign Bruhaspathi (Jupiter) was in at the time. It is believed that bathing in the sacred river during Pushkaram cleanses the devotees of their sins.

Godavari is one of the 12 sacred rivers, and the Godavari Pushkaram takes place once every 12 years, when the Jupiter is in the Leo sign. The Maha Pushkaram ("Great Pushkaram") takes place once every 144 years.

"Maha" means "great" and Pushkaram refers to the worship of the river in which the god Pushkar appears every 12 years. Pushakaram is spelled Pushkaralu in Telugu, Pushkaram in Tamil, Pushkara in Kannada, and Pushkar in Hindi.

The 2015 Godavari Pushkaram is believed to be a Maha Pushkaram, which happens once in 144 years. During the year 2015, Jupiter enters Leo on 14 July 2015 (Tuesday) at 6.26 AM, when the Maha Pushkaram begins, and ends after 12 days on 25 July 2015 (Saturday).

The Maha Pushkaram festival in 2015 attracted 48.1 million people in Andhra Pradesh state link from all parts of India. On this occasion, it is essential to take a holy dip in the Godavari River to get the supposed benefits of better physical and mental abilities. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has made all arrangements for this event in their respective states by constructing ghats for bathing and improving road communications, basic amenities of water supply and sanitation, and security. In Andhra Pradesh.