Government of India - Schemes for Artists

The Department Of Culture, Government Of India, New Delhi

Department of Culture operates a number of schemes intended to provide monetary assistance to individuals, groups and voluntary organizations engaged in promoting a particular art form and/or to sustain Cultural activities in the country.

All eligible artists may avail the facilities extended by Government of India.

S.noSchemeFinancial Assistance
1.Scholarships (Financial assistance to young artists of 18-25 years of outstanding promise for advanced training in the fields of Music, Dance, Drama, Painting sculpture etc.Rs. 2,000/-per month / tenable for a period of 2 yrs only and no extension.
2.Junior Fellowships to outstanding artists of age 25-40 years in the field of performing, literary and plastic artsRs. 6,000/-per month for a period of 2 yrs.
3. Junior Fellowships to outstanding artists of age 25-40 years in the field of performing, literary and plastic arts.Rs. 12,000/-per month for period of 2 yrs.
4.Financial assistance for Research Support to Voluntary organizations engaged in cultural activities.75% of expenditure Max of 1 lakh.
5.Financial assistance towards Building and Equipment grants for Voluntary Cultural organizations engaged in cultural activities.50% of expenditure or max of Rs. 15 Lakhs for construction of building and Rs. 2.5 lakhs for equipment assistance.
6.Financial assistance for Promotion and Dissemination of Tribal/ Folk Art and Culture. Assistance for
  • Production for approved projects and programs.
  • Salary grants to performing art groups.
  • Expenditure on establishment, maintenance of Library photography and documentation etc.
7.A) Grant in aid to voluntary organizations/Societies for the Development and Maintenance of National Memorials.
Objective: To commemorate the role of eminent personalities who have contributed to and played a historic role in history of our country, to highlight their lives and activities and the relevance of their ideas to Indian heritage. To interpret and convey the cultural and spiritual values they stood for and create awareness about their contributions.
Maximum 5 lakhs to voluntary organizations registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860.
8.Celebration of Centenaries of Important Personalities to Commemorate the role of eminent national personalitieRs 1 lakh to Voluntary organizations (not exceeding Rs. 40,000/- in case of anniversary celebration of jubilee years. Grants not to exceed 75% of total expenditure.
9.Financial assistance to voluntary Buddhist/Tibetan, Non-Govt. organizations including monasteries and individuals for propagating and scientific development of Buddhist/Tibetan Culture and Tradition and Research in related fields.Max of Rs 5 lakhs per year for single organization.