Perspective Plan

  1. Perspective Plan Of Department Of Culture

    Andhra Pradesh is one of the unique states of India having rich Cultural Heritage. It is having large scope for Culture development. As such the present schemes being operated by this department are to be strengthened to achieve the targets as envisaged in vision 2020.

  2. Development Of Folk And Tribal Art Forms

    There are several folk art forms in the State. Government has initiated steps to bring art forms into focus. Self sustained schemes are launched for artists by adopting the following steps

    • District Administration has been geared up to identify the dying folk and tribal art forms.
    • Government has identified to give good opportunities to the folk art forms and artists to present their programmes in the Government Music and Dance institutions and other Government sponsored programmes
    • Several art forms are identified for documentation. For instance Kuppam Veedhi Natakam of Chittoor District and the Surabhi Theatre Movement were documented.
    • Government is planning to issue Identity Cards to folk and tribal artists in the state.
  3. Reforms In Government Music And Dance Institutions

    There are 12 Government Music and Dance Institutions in the state and the following reforms to make them as cultural centers

    Monthly cultural programmes are introduced under the title of NELA NELA VENNELA – by participation of the teachers and the students. This was appreciated by art lovers. A platform is created for the rural artists of folk and other forms to present their programmes at these centers.

    Advance Training and Refreshing Courses to the Teachers It is proposed by the Department to impart advance training, and refresher courses to the teaching staff of Music Colleges.The training and refresher course to the teaching staff is proposed to be imparted by reputed musicians and retired teaching staff of the institutions with good teaching experience. The teaching staff is also proposed to be trained in performance techniques by well reputed performing artists, so that more number of performing artists will come out from the Government Music & Dance Colleges.

    Inter Music College Competitions It is proposed by the Department to conduct Inter Music College Competitions to create a competitive spirit among the students, and the teachers. In the first instance, Schools/Colleges located in nearby zones are involved.

    The Department of Culture, has launched a scheme to send the Teachers and the students of the Music and Dance institutions to go to the rural areas for presenting the programmes of our tradition art forms of music and dance so as to bring an awareness among the rural masses about our culture.

  4. Inter State/International Cultural Exchanges

    The Department of Culture, has been sending cultural programmes to other states and countries under the scheme of Inter State Cultural Exchange Programme With the assistance of the Sangeetha Natak Academy, New Delhi, India Council for Cultural Relations, (Central Government Agencies) to promote our tradition and culture and bring an awareness to the local population, the following exchanges has been done for the past few months

    • Telugu Festival at Malysia
    • Ugadi Festival at Mauritius.
    • Thai Classical dance programme at Hyderabad.
    • Saranga Puppetry Group show from Srilanka .

    It is proposed to priorities the folk and tribal art forms under the Inter State Cultural Exchange Programme, in this direction a folk art form is being deputed to New Delhi to participate in the Phool Walon-Ki-Sair and other delegations are planned as per the yearly itinerary.